Fancydresswale Birthday Headbands Satin Sash and Tiara Birthday Crown for Girls Women Party Supplies- Silver Crown and Sash- Birthday Girl

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  • Vibrant birthday accessories: Fancydresswale Birthday Headbands, Birthday Satin Sash, and Tiara Birthday Crown are designed to add vibrancy and excitement to birthday celebrations for girls and women.
  • Multiple color options: Choose from a variety of color options for both the sashes and headbands, allowing you to customize the birthday party experience and match the theme or preferences of the birthday girl or woman.
  • High-quality materials: Our birthday accessories are made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and comfort throughout the festivities.
  • Festive headbands: The Fancydresswale Birthday Headbands feature fun embellishments and vibrant colors, making the birthday girl or woman feel special and adding a festive touch to their birthday ensemble.
  • Regal crown and elegant sash: Complete the birthday look with the Tiara Birthday Crown and Birthday Satin Sash. The crown adds a touch of sparkle and charm, while the sash drapes elegantly over the shoulder, showcasing the special occasion. These accessories make the birthday girl or woman feel like royalty on their special day.
Sizes Available :
Free Size for Adults and Kids

what is in the box:
Crown and Sash

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