Indian Mythological King Crown

Rs. 599.00

It"s a Red color Mythological crown with silver and Golden color work with Moti and Gota.Elastic on both Sides makes it fit for different Age group of Kids and Teens. This Crown can be used in King, Minister and God Get in Fancy dress competitions, Role plays and Schools Functions . Both Girls and Boys can wear it and incarnate in Deva Avatar

Dust or wipe clean with a cloth dampened with water once a week. Be sure not to leave water spots on the surface. These water spots will dry and could possibly leave permanent marks. Clean stains/spots using the following steps: Dampen a soft cloth with a mixture of hot water and liquid dishwashing detergent. Wring the cloth as much as possible to remove excess liquid. Rub the surface lightly in a circular motion. Dry the surface immediately with a clean, soft towel.
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