Vanvasi Ram Costume

Rs. 899.00

Vanavasi Ram costume Dress your son up as the obedient son of Dasaratha Maharaja, who left all the comforts of the place to live in the jungle, Lord Ram. The costume is very similar to that worn by lord Rama during his exile. The costume comes in a bright saffron color without too many shiny elements. The costume mainly consists of the dhoti, kurta, The dhoti and kurta are made of high quality silk and have minimal additions. The mala, earrings and Baju band are made from fabric as well to maintain the authenticity of the exile costume. The costume can have an additional bow and quiver with arrows to amplify the look. The wig is similar to the wig from the Shiva"s costume. The same costume can be used for lord Lakshmana as well as there was not too much difference in their description as per the epic.

Dust or wipe clean with a cloth dampened with water once a week. Be sure not to leave water spots on the surface. These water spots will dry and could possibly leave permanent marks. Clean stains/spots using the following steps: Dampen a soft cloth with a mixture of hot water and liquid dishwashing detergent. Wring the cloth as much as possible to remove excess liquid. Rub the surface lightly in a circular motion. Dry the surface immediately with a clean, soft towel.
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